Does Life and Nature influence ART? #chiaratalks


Oh yes absolutely! I personally take a lot of inspiration from nature, I believe that mother nature is the best artist I know.

I find everything around me very inspiring. From landscapes to animals. I love skies of all kinds, every moment of the day and every weather condition has a unique charm and communicates particular emotions to me. The other day I was walking in the countryside that I have outside my house. It had recently rained and then the sun had arrived, the light was very strong and clear. At one point I looked at the landscape carefully and noticed that the mountains complemented the grass field exactly. The mountains were blue-violet and the grass was yellow-green. I wondered how it was possible that that scenario was so perfect?

All these rules that they teach us in school, all this study on the chromatic wheel they can all be found in nature simply by observing well.

However, would I have noticed this chromatic perfection if I hadn’t studied it in some book first?

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Chiara Magni

Chiara Magni

Chiara Magni is a professional oil Finger Painter and the creator of “BRIGHT EXPRESSIONISM” movement